Tournament Date:

Saturday - February 24, 2018

Last Day to Register February 21, 2018. 

Registration Fee: $25


Ethos Jiu-Jitsu Fullerton

618 N. Harbor, Unit A, Fullerton Ca 92832


Same Day Weigh-in guidelines for competitors is as follows:

  1. All Athletes must clear weight prior to their first match.
  2. Weigh-ins are with NO UNIFORM
  3. Athletes are allowed to weigh in without knee or elbow braces, but they will have to be wearing them at the time of the uniform inspection.
  4. The athlete cannot step on the scale with shoes or any item besides his/her regular uniform and equipment permitted for use during matches.
  5. Each athlete shall only mount the official scale of the event to have his/her weight taken once unless authorized.